Friday, 31 May 2013

Contingency (Sage Hannigan Time Warper #1) by Peggy Martinez

I really wanted to like this book - the blurb was engaging, the cover is beautiful, the heroine is older than 16, it was the first book I won in a giveaway, and the reviewers are all in love with it... But it disappointed me so much I can't even explain it!

Sage is a normal person who leads a normal life, but then one day she finds a necklace and is sucked into the past (1904 to be precise). She is instantly attacked by a vampire, but is rescued and taken into a house which turns out to be inhabited by members of the Cerebrus Society. They are the people who are trying to protect the world from bad creatures, even though some of them are "creatures" as well. Sage is told she was sent back for a reason - and that reason is to save the president from an assassin. 

As much as I tried, there was just nothing that I liked, because unbelievable things just kept coming at me. I disliked the heroine, she just got on my nerves; there was a love triangle, WHICH I HATE, and it wasn't even written well - she lusts after both of them and she has difficulties choosing which one she likes better; the twist in the plot was yawn, and the bad guys were far from mind blowing and throw-you-on-your-ass-y. I instantly figured out what was going on. I won't even mention all the other bad things because I am afraid I would get attacked by the book's fans, and I don't want to bad-mouth. I don't even have the will to write a proper review I'm so disappointed. I really wanted to like this book.

1.5 quills


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