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"Hello this is le blogz & iz made of wordz" is probably not the most promising start of a book reviewing blog. But it's true! It is a blog and it is made of words. Who would have thought. But what kind of words is it made of you ask? And who created those words? Well, in reality, probably Shakespeare. But if you're wondering who put them together in sentences, this is who:

Aotee is a twenty-something year old alien who was on a quest to save the universe, but got distracted by something shiny and misplaced her spaceship somewhere in the vicinity of a local library. She’s quite fond of reading stuff like instruction manuals, clothes tags and billboards. Also books. She likes wasting her time killing HD zombies on the computer and occasionally doing healthy stuff like cycling and eating carrots. She also studies something and enjoys referring to herself in third person.

Favourite genres: fantasy, sci-fi, distopia
Favourite authors: George Martin, Brandon Sanderson, Scott Lynch

This girl has her mind set on owning the biggest library in the universe. When I'm not reading or waiting for the Doctor and the Tardis to take me away on exciting adventures, I'm studying to become the world's greatest translator. I absolutely despise peppers, tight jeans and literary love triangles. If you cannot find me anywhere, I'm probably lost among the bookshelves of some library, wandering the streets of Barcelona (on Google Maps), or maybe, just maybe, the Doctor stopped by and we're off saving the planet and having a jolly good time.

Favourite genres: YA, fantasy, paranormal, horror, science fiction, dystopia, romance, mystery.
Favourite authors: Melina Marchetta, Rachel Caine, Garth Nix


The story of how this blog came to be is quite legendary and bards from all over have written a number of songs about it. However, this one is our favourite.

Oh, there once was a hero named Aotee the Red
Who came riding to Booktown from ole Rorikstead
And the braggart did swagger and brandish her pen
As she told of all stories and books she had read
But then she went quiet, did Aotee the Red
When she met a strange bookling Inx, who said;
"Oh, you talk and you lie and you use all our ink
Now I think it's high time you sit down and think!
You’ll join me, I tell you, Aotee the red,
We’ll create a book blog or I’ll smite you instead!"
And so then came clashing and slashing of words
As Inx charged in and made Aotee soon yield.
And the braggart named Aotee was boastful no more-
When her papers and notes rolled around on the floor!

The original poem is called Ragnar the Red, find it here.

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