Monday, 11 February 2013

[Rant] City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments #1) by Cassandra Clare

First of all I have to say that I've read this book in June 2010, so you must be wandering why I am ranting about it almost three years later. Well, it's because of the darn movie, that's why. And it's not a rant exactly... It's more of a short explanation why City of Bones did not appeal to me.

I distinctly remember being very disappointed after finishing the last page of City of Bones, and for several reasons. The most obvious one, and the most outraging, is the incest thingy (technically it wasn't ... but the ones who've read it know what I'm talking about) which I did not see coming, so I was pretty baffled. This is not a good twist! This is disgusting! 

The action scenes were exciting and tension-building, but the rest was so boring I almost had to fix toothpicks to eyelids to avoid falling into a boredom induced coma. Characters' age didn't help matters. I had trouble identifying with 15 year olds even back then!

So these are the main things I remember disliking about the book which is a lot, considering my Swiss cheese memory disorder. It just goes to tell how strong my feelings were toward City of Bones. Now, after 2,5 years after reading it I am curious if I would still have the same opinion and reactions toward the book, so I've been considering re-reading it for quite some time now. Plus, the trailer for the movie looks very appealing so I want to go watch it in August!

And when I go to Goodreads, I see that almost all my friends have rated it 5 stars and I keep wondering if I read the same book as they. So please tell me, kind people, a good reason (or two, or three) why I should read the City of Bones again and continue with the series. That would really help convince me!


  1. You should re read City of Bones, because City of Ashes is soo much better! :D Lol
    what a reason, a?
    But yeah, even if you don't reread this one, you should totally continue reading the series, because City of Ashes is better than City of Bones...

  2. Yes yes yes! I'm one of those who have not yet jumped onto the bandwagon of loving this series ;) When I first read it a few years back, I thought the action was so slow-paced and the romance just wasn't scintillating enough *shrugs* Glad we have the same opinion!

    BUT, the movie trailer looks really awesome so I'm definitely rushing into the theaters to catch it the moment it's released :)

  3. Did I give it 5 stars? I can't remember. All I do remember,just like you is the incest part. My mind only catches disturbing things.

    I barely finished the third book and I still bought the next two.

    Well,at least,The Infernal Devices rocks. The Mortal Instruments is a lost cause.

  4. Thank you all, you've convinced me not to waste my time with the series (at least for the time being), I'll just go and see the movie instead. However, I will give The Infernal Devices a shot.


  5. Like Zemira, I prefer "The Infernal Devices" but I still buy the "mortal Instruments" books when they are released.
    A bientôt,